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Welcome to Irish Whiskey


A nice introduction to the world of Irish Whiskey

Jameson Crested   |   Method & Madness French Chestnut Pot Still   |   Micil Inverin

Pot Still


A style unique to Ireland these Pot Stills are full of complex flavours with a silky mouthfeel

Redbreast 12yr   |   Powers John's Lane   |   Yellow Spot

Sherry Influence


A selection of Irish whiskey beautifully influenced by the sherry cask finish

Black Bush   |   Knappgue 16yr   |   Redbreast Lustau

Wild Atlantic Way


Visce Beatha from along the West coast of Ireland

Silkie Red   |   Grace O'Malley   |   Dingle Single Malt

Irish Single Malts


Normally a style associated with our neighbours but here's 3 wonderful Single Malts from Ireland

Bushmills 10yr   |   Glendalough Mizunara 7yr   |   Sexton

Premium Irish


Not your average whiskey, 3 special whiskies to savour

O'Connell' Powers Single Cask   |   Midleton Rare 2023   |   Bushmills 1995 Malaga Cask

Level Up Premium


Up there with the best in the world, incredible liquids.

Bushmills 25yr | Glendalough 25yr   |   Redbreast 27yr

World Whiskey


Take a trip around the world with this selection

Nikka Tailored - Japan   |   Macallan 12yr - Scotland   |   Woodford Reserve - US



Some smoke, some sherry, some oak all in a selection of Whisky from our neighbours

Ardbeg 10yr   |   Glenmorangie Signet   |   Oban Game of Thrones

Flight to America


Bourbon & Ryes from the US

Buffalo Trace   |   Makers Mark   |   Michters Rye

The Spot Revival


Seven generations of Mitchell & Son Whiskey kept alive for us to enjoy

Green Spot   |   Blue Spot   |   Yellow Spot

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