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Grace O'Malley Whiskey Launch

Grace O'Malley Whiskey Launch

We were overjoyed to host an event in honor of the Grace O'Malley Whiskey launch in our beer garden in 202. The night was filled with music and laughter and now we're thrilled to share the highlights of this with all of you!

The whiskey honours the legendary Irish Pirate Queen from the West of Ireland, also known as ‘Gráinne Mhaol’. Gráinne Mhaol was a fearless leader and a warrior who represents the rebellious Irish spirit, so we of course had an actress at the party to embody Gráinne and all she represents.

The most special thing about Grace O’Malley Whiskey however is; While the proportion of female consumers of Irish whiskey is usually around 45%, it is 53% for Grace O’Malley. And every bottle tells her story.



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